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Ultimate Cat Litter Mat

Ultimate Cat Litter Mat

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Stop Litter Trailing Through The House

Using a honeycomb, double-layer design, the Ultimate litter mat puts and end to litter stuck in your cat's paws from reaching other rooms

All while helping you clean less and recycle more!


It's large enough to cover the litter box area, especially the 45x60 and 55x75 sizes.  The mat makes litter vanish by trapping it before it reaches the clean floor.  Pick up the mat & the litter falls through. 

Now just put it back in the cat litter box for reuse

Save 30% on Litter

You'll save tons of money because you won't have to buy litter as often.  The Ultimate cat litter mat allows you to recycle trailed unused litter back into the litter box, saving you up to 30% on the cost of litter.

Water-Proof and Easy to Clean

Our mat has a water-proof non-slip bottom layer that helps protect your hardwood floors and carpets from accidental misses.  it can easily be rinsed off with water or wiped clean. 

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